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2022/11/14 Prof. Kobayashi's paper has been published in Nano Convergence.
2022/9/28 Xingyu Huang gave a presentation in SSDM 2022.
2022/8/23 Yoshiki Sawabe(M2,graduated)'s paper has been published in Applied Physics Letter (APL).
2022/7/28 Zhuo Li(D2)'s paper has been published in IEEE Electron Device Letter(EDL).
2022/6/11 Zhuo Li(D2) gave a talk in IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop.
2022/4/12 Prof. Kobayashi gave an invited talk in IEICE Technical Committee on Integrated Circuits and Devices (ICD) Meeting.
2022/4/4 Kaito Hikake(M1) has joined Kobayashi lab. Welcome!
2022/4/1 The year of 2022 has started.