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2020/6/23 Fei Mo (D3)'s paper has been published in Applied Physics Express.
2020/6/14 Dr. Jixuan Wu (post-doc researcher) presented her work in VLSI Symposium on Technology 2020 (virtual conference).
2020/6/20 Prof. Kobayashi's article on ferroelectric-HfO2 memory has been released in JSPS monthly journal.
2020/4/29 Chengji Jin (D3)'s paper has been published in IEEE Journal of Electron Device Society.
2020/4/7 Prof. Kobayashi received the Young Scientist Award of the year of 2020 from MEXT.
2019/4/1 Yoshiki Sawabe (M1) has joined our laboratory. Welcome!
2019/4/1 The year of 2020 has started.