About our laboratory

We are exploring emerging nanoelectronic devices to make break-through toward next generation computing for applications such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To crease and deliver new values to industry, we take the approach of integrating emerging nanotechnology with new materials and new principles onto silicon-based integrated system. Based on a new idea, we do design the device, fabricate the “only-one” device in our clean room, and characterize the fabricated device, with the help of theoretical investigation, all by ourselves. This way, we are doing cutting-edge research activities with high originality.
Our recent research interests are as follows (for detail, please look at Research and Publications):
(1) Next generation transitor by new operation principle and new structure
(2) High capacity and low power memory device by next generation ferroelectric material
(3) Neuromorphic computing by novel 3D integration of oxide semiconductor FET and nonvolatile memory
We are closely collaborating with Prof. Hiramoto's laboratory. We join government projects, and work with other university and industry's researchers in Japan and internationally.

Message to candidate student

Silicon-based Integrated electronics is the basis of today's highly information-oriented society. The scaling of silicon CMOS transistor still continues, and the number of transistor is increasing and the cost of a chip is decreasing. However, it becomes more challenging than ever to drive the semiconductor industry just by Moore's law and scaling principle. Now, the integrated electronics area are hitting to its tipping point. To create valuable innovations and open up new markets, cutting-edge device technologies are needed. Researchers and engineers are required to have solid fundamental knowledge and skills, so as to create "one" from "zero".
In our laboratory, we educate students not only to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills but also to foster their creative minds through cutting-edge research activities. Prof. Kobayashi is originally from industry (IBM Watson Research Center) and thus students will have opportunities to learn how to make impacts to industry by their own research activity. Our laboratory is truly international, so that (Japanese) students can obtain communication skill in English. We welcome you having passion to contribute to semiconductor area in the society. Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in our group.